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I'm Sarah Goodman


     My mission is to help make disciples of Christ who truly

know and love Him and who will make Him known to the world. 

     I am passionate about knowing God and making God known, longing for Him to be "the one thing" I seek above everything else.  I discovered that the key to more of God was desiring more. The Bible promises "seek and you will find" and I have found this to be true. He is always pursuing our hearts and desires that our hearts long for him with that same hunger.

In this generation of complacent Christianity, I desire to live and love God with fire and boldness, living adventurously on every word from my Savior. I have heard His voice and experienced the thrill of surrendering control and allowing Him to lead me, though still imperfectly. I hope to inspire and encourage others to seek God with their whole heart so they can experience the

fullness of Him in their life as well. 

We are made for more and there is a longing in our soul until we find it.

     My goal is that as you navigate the resources here, you will know this wonderful God who loves you, sees you and knows you- who wants to speak to you and walk you through life. If you are thirsting for more: more knowing Him, more love for Him, more hearing Him speak, more of His leading, more of His Presence; then come, be filled to the brim and satisfied. He loves to satisfy the thirsty.

Let's be people longing for more. 

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